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#2044 by Togstaxi
Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:15 am
In January I swapped my three year old Outlander PHEV for a newer model PHEV2 Gx4h). Happy with most of the upgrades to the newer model, however on a full charge, I only seem to have a EV range of around 20 miles (today it showed 17 miles) against the quoted 32. On my older model, I used to have and average of 23 - 25 miles shown on full charge.

Appreciate actual range is dependant on style of driving, but thought it would at least con me into thinking I had a respectable (ish) range.

Has anyone else experienced this or do I have a rogue model with potential battery problems?
#2045 by pcsouthwest
Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:13 pm
Hi Togstaxi,

Exactly the same here. Although I went on a 4 hour 140 mile run last week and next morning it showed 32 miles available which quickly returned to the 18 to 20 the next morning and since.

I am assuming it is to do with using the aircon and the electric heater drawing power and that I tend to flick the EV mode button on as I usually make a 4.5 mile journey to and from work. I am also assuming it knows my driving style and knows I will have the aircon and EV on and is estimating. If anyone can confirm the car is as clever as that.

Shame the 32 is not real life unless we both have dodgy batteries.

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