Over the next year I will be updating weekly living with the Outlander PHEV as our family transport, the niggles, the positives and the costs.
#642 by Chris
Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:02 pm
So what are my thoughts after 3,000 miles? Would I buy another Outlander PHEV if I walked into a showroom today?

I have to say that of all the cars I have owned the PHEV is the one that I really couldn't wait to get the keys for. After 3,000 miles it continues to impress me in the fact such a big SUV can run so well on EV power alone. As many of you know the only real disappointment for me so far as been the heater not being able to run on EV power alone first thing in the morning. My plan was always to run on just EV power for all the school runs, if this is to be done in comfort over the winter months this clearly is not going to be possible. I still haven't used enough petrol yet to conclude how much the cost of the petrol ICE running the heater in the morning is actually costing.

One thing I have noticed is that I drive past the petrol station and not into it much more often these days. So much so I suspect the guys in the local Shell garage will think that I have moved house. When I ran my Land Rover Defender on a daily basis the garage was a weekly excursion. At around 20 miles to the gallon one of the main reasons for changing to the PHEV was the running costs. In this department I have to say that I am more than pleased. My wife has even noticed the difference on the credit card statement as there are little to no fuel bills these days. Of course she has yet to see the electric bill, a fact she appeared to completely forget.

So what have been the actual savings running the Outlander PHEV vs Land Rover Defender. I calculate that the Land Rover Defender would have cost around £925.00 in diesel for the 3,000 miles. The Outlander PHEV has cost just £312.33, that's a saving of £612.67 in under 2 1/2 months of motoring.

In answer to the question of would I buy another today... Yes without hesitation. There are some faults, or should I say niggles but the bigger picture is this is a great car or should I say SUV. So after 3,000 miles I am still pleased I made the decision to buy one.

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My mileage has increased to 2992 miles and my total electricity charge cost is now £116.96 combined with a petrol cost of £195.37 [no petrol since the last review / two bars drop on the display]. This makes a total cost of £312.33. Using my standard calculations this equates to 50.53 gallons, and thus making the current mpg figure 59.21mpg. So yet another increase from the last review which was 56.89mpg which is expected as there has been no petrol fill up required, but only EV charging.

Mileage : 2992
Electricity Charge Cost : Sept £55.63 / Oct 37.08 / Nov £24.25 : Total £116.96
Petrol : £195.37
Petrol [mpg] costs : 94.65mpg
Total Running Costs : £312.33
Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Gallons Used : 50.53

Current Petrol / EV MPG Figure : 59.21mpg
Cost per mile : £0.104

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