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#699 by Creative
Wed Nov 19, 2014 9:27 pm
Also thought I should share info discovered today whilst my Pod Point was being installed. The electrician ( seemed sensible qualified guy) was going to connect into a spare mcb in my consumer unit. I suggested he shouldn't do that because the cu (newish 17th edition MK board) has standard RCDs which like most RCDs is a type AC. Where as all Wiring regs, Government Charging Scheme Funding rules, all charging point manufacturers and even his Pod Point literature say the EV circuit must have a type A RCD. These type A RCDs are not readily available, certainly never fitted in a standard cu, are not in stock at most places and are not even made by MK. The electrician rang his boss and Pod Point , both after checking regs etc agreed he had been doing it wrong !!! They have ordered a type A RCD and returning next week to install additional cu with the right RCD. How many other EVs/ users have the wrong protection!!!

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