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#667 by Bob the engineer
Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:18 pm
extract in pdf format. Tested against powerful automatic SUV's from BMW, Audi and Volvo.

It was never going to fare too well against two premium German models as the press do love those as they put sporty handling and the dashboard as most important qualities more so than real owners priorities do. Unfairly the BMW X3 was tested with expensive optional adaptive suspension.

However reading between the lines it does quite well actually, performance wise it held its own with a 0 to 60mph of 9.4s being close to 3 of the others and its 30 to 70mph acceleration was quicker than the Audi and the Volvo and only 0.2s behind the fastest BMW.

The PHEV cleaned up on equipment levels, can you believe Audi want £255 extra just for a USB socket? what a joke!

I was surprised to see it lag the others for noise level at 70 and not that much quieter even at 30, I read that Mitsubishi had used thicker glass and a lot of extra sound proofing. Looking forward to testing that one for myself.

Here is the killer, they quote a real life fuel economy of 39.2 mpg which is not a big deal in itself but, considering its a heavy PETROL hybrid its still beat the other 3 DIESELS!

So no reason to buy a diesel for mpg gain whatever your usage pattern and when you add in the ground-breaking company car tax benefit its amazing.

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