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#2016 by Cameraman999
Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:07 pm
I collected my PHEV Outlander 4h just a week ago and have been reading the manuals.
I tried to go through the Voice Training setup today and the Voice told me to recite line 1 of the Voice Training list in the manual. I can find no such listing in the book and so pressed a few buttons. The on-screen instructions told me to Recite 0123456789, so I did. That led me to the next instruction. That's fine and it worked but why the reference to phrases being in the manual when they don't seem to be in the book?

I was then stupid enough to try to enter some addresses into my address book, using POIs.
I could not locate Car Parks in the POIs.
My brain aches.
I will give it a rest until tomorrow.
Love the car but the MMCS is a law unto itself and, after reading the manual twice, I am none the wiser.
Anyone know of any useful tutorials for the MMCS?

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