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#2005 by dunks
Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:38 pm
So after receiving a 4H last week and spending most of the weekend reading what seems to be the biggest car manual every seen, What seems to be a brilliant car and enjoyable to drive i'm struggling to find solutions to the following quirks.....
if anyone could help.

Sat Nav... Cant mute the instructions.. is possible to have the sat nav but without the instructions interupting the radio all the time

When changing the the sat nav settings ( having the directions Arrows on the left of the screen ) it seems to work, but once you complete the journey and leave the car, it forgets this setting and goes back to default., can you not personalise it ?

When going on info on Mms and having the envriomental display on, once you've locked the car, it also forgets this and gives you the map screen when you next start up, can it not just leave it on the display you left it on and want it on ?

When I get in the 1st 2 things I do is press the EV Button and the Hill assist button, again can these not default to be applied once you get in ??

Electric Tailgate... Hit and miss if it works, I take it there's some criteria for it to work, anybody know what it is ?

Sorry for so many questions

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