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#1993 by dunks
Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:09 pm

Just waiting for my new outlander 4h Phev to be delivered, but it seems to be a tad confusing on the charging side..

My daily commute is around 18 miles each way, so will be charging at home with the chargemaster unit that you get installed free , and charging at work with the the 3 pin plug, but apart from that i'm confused , most of the local chargepoints on our city centre car parks are type 2 , but I've read I would need a type 1 to type 2 adaptor to use them on the outlander, but cant seem to find such a thing ?

Also the chargemaster unit comes with 3 months subscription to polar , then its £7.95 a month , is this good value not worth the hassle
#1995 by bitman
Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:28 am
I've have had my PHEV 4H since 2015 and no longer use the public charge points since using the Ecotricity charge point on the motorway killed my car and I had to be recovered to Mitsubishi and pay them to reset the car - its not covered under warranty!

As to costs, I guess its all down to how much driving you do. For me its not cost effective to take out a subscription - for £7.95 I can drive quite a few miles on petrol.

Besides the charge cable which comes with the car, I also have the public charge cable (which was purchased from Mitsubishi) but have not used it! Do a search for PHEV Charge cable on the internet, lots of info showing connectors etc.
#1999 by BorderOutlander
Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:10 pm
Hello Dunks,
First of all I hope you enjoy your Mitsi PHEV when it arrives, I've had my pre-reg 66 GX3h+ since the end of July and think it's great. I previously had a Honda CRV diesel which was fine, but I felt it was behind the times, tech wise. I liken the Mitsi to a swan; so smooth and calm on the surface...but it's all happening below deck! Very clever stuff going on!

When I purchased mine I also bought a type1 to type 2, 5metre cable from Amazon, but shop around as prices vary. Much cheaper than buying a dealer provided lead!
I live in Scotland and able to take advantage of both the OLEV grant of £500, which Chargemaster apply for on your behalf, and also the Energy Savings Trust who refund the balance of £244, net result £0. A bit of paper work involved but first class installation by Chargemaster. I opted for the type with the socket rather than the flying lead, if you buy a different EV in the future, the charge socket is future proofed, just a tip for you.
I belong to CYC Scotland whose parent company is Chargemaster! This cost me £20/annum but gives access to local charge points locally and the electricity is 'free'. Also access to charge points throughout the UK. As it turns out, my Polar plus card that I applied for £7.95, first 3 months free, doesn't work north of the border at the moment. Chargemaster are hoping to combine both systems in the near future but there is some issue with the Scottish government I think.
Also, the home Chargemaster unit can send data via the O2 mobile phone network to the Polar +website, if you select that option.You get a login and you can see how much electricity you are using to charge the car. I also have solar panels, so I try to charge the car during day light if possible, easy if your are retired like me!

I hope that has been of use to you

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