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#1980 by JollyGolfer
Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:05 pm
Firstly, thank you for admitting me to your forum.

I am a first time Outlander PHEV GX5HS 2017 owner, but owned a Galant in the early 1980's, so for me it's wonderful to be behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi again as I regretted selling the Galant when I got married......

I would appreciate advice on the best seat covers to protect the leather when we have 'country' days out with family. We are presently having a look at 2nd hand Mitsubishi custom made covers but they are extremely laborious and so tight they are a struggle to fit (my wife suffers badly from arthritis). I'm wondering whether the covers we are looking at were designed for a previous /different variant. We really require covers that you can just throw on in about 5 mins and go.

I've had the Outlander a fortnight and love it so much I could live in it. My man shed on wheels :D

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