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#1918 by Sumpy
Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:54 am
Hello, I am due to pick up my first PHEV in 2 days, it is a 2015 GX4H in glacier blue.
I have found this forum very helpful to make the final decision on what to buy, so thank you all.
I have been driving a Nissan X-Trail for the last 13 years and have found it to be an excellent vehicle, my only real reason for changing is the fact that it is a diesel and now that my use of the car is mostly limited to short journeys and not pounding motorways like I used to it just isn't the correct car for me and my family anymore.
My criteria for a replacement was petrol, automatic, 5 seats and a large boot for our dog.
I will endeavor to find answers to my questions over the coming weeks in existing forum posts, but don't be surprised if I start posting questions like "what if I podge this button?"
#1919 by Sumpy
Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:08 am
What a brilliant car! :D I picked it up on Monday and had to make an emergency trip of over 200 miles that night, as anyone in the UK will know we had very bad flooding that day but the car was silky smooth and went through the floods effortlessly (I have since been told by the Mitsubishi garage that the PHEV will wade as deep as a shogun :shock: ). I have since found out that Mitsubishi state the max wading depth is 400mm.
I only had a full battery charge at the beginning of the journey, so most of it was on the ICE, which still returned an average mpg of 38 and I wasn't being gentle with the throttle as I needed to reach my destination as quickly as possible. I know that 38 mpg is way-off the manufacturers figures, but considering it is nearly 2 tonnes has permanent four wheel drive it is automatic and the weather conditions being bad and I only had one full battery charge I am suitably impressed and very happy with my choice of vehicle. Having said that, It would not be my first choice if I was doing that kind of journey on a regular basis a diesel would be much more economical, but since most of my time is acting as dads taxi and travelling just a few miles it is a brilliant bit of kit.

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