Over the next year I will be updating weekly living with the Outlander PHEV as our family transport, the niggles, the positives and the costs.
#4 by Chris
Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:24 pm
It didn't take long for my mind to be made up that this was the vehicle that would replace my current Land Rover Defender Utility. The Land Rover Defender Utility has been a great reliable workhorse but my work needs have changed and lately its used for school runs and town trips more than anything else. So the new Outlander PHEV GX4hs should suit our current needs very well indeed. Mainly used for short trips everyday into and around town so less than 15 miles round trip, plus school runs of a slightly greater distance. Time will tell but I am confident that financially the Outlander will be far cheaper on a weekly basis than the current spend on running the Land Rover.

I ordered it just before the weekend of advertising that was just about to commence and I have been promised a delivery date of early September 2014.

The order placed was for a Outlander GX4hs in Atlantic Grey with the Protection Pack and tow bar.

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