Over the next year I will be updating weekly living with the Outlander PHEV as our family transport, the niggles, the positives and the costs.
#799 by Chris
Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:19 pm
I am not sure where the time goes these days but it does seem that time just zips by and before you know it Xmas is nearly here.

The Outlander PHEV is still performing without any faults and it's pleasing to report that everything is still meeting with my expectations. Of course there still remains the issue of ICE running in the colder mornings and as it stands there appears little you can do about this if you want the cabin heated. It does annoy me a little when you press the start button and ICE kicks in when you have a 100% battery just sitting there doing nothing.

Since the last update I did have a make a journey around the M25 and as it was on a very wet and windy day I was glad of the ACC keeping an eye on things.. that was until it decided to turn itself off without warning. Worse still it increased the speed before it cancelled itself off. At first it was slightly unnerving as its the first time it had ever done this to me. The cause.. quite simply there was just too much spray for the front sensors to work and once the level of spray was reduced normal service was resumed.

The PHEV still gets a lot of interest from other motorists and friends. Normal questions include, is it as efficient as they claim? Does it really do 148mpg? Is it slow? Then last night I was asked.. How long do you think the government grant of £5,000 towards the purchase of the PHEV will last given the numbers of customers now buying into the technology? All good questions and I always point them to this forum so that they can do their own research.

So as 2014 comes to a close I had to think yesterday as I passed the petrol station, when was the last time I filled up? It seems like weeks ago? The answer was actually on the 24th November and I still have 3/4 full fuel remaining. I really still like the fact that the local petrol station is not getting my hard earned cash as frequently as they had been. Of course you do have to remember that the electricity is not exactly free.

Regular forum users will know that the Outlander PHEV replaced my Land Rover Defender 110 Utility. My original plan was to sell straight away but I decided not to just in case the PHEV didn't meet my expectations or my needs. Just like the PHEV I purchased the Land Rover from new and I didn't want to sell it only to regret it later. The PHEV has now however fully proved itself and the fact that the Land Rover has done less than 200 miles in the past couple of months I have now made the decision to sell the Land Rover Defender in January.

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So what's the update on running costs?

My mileage has increased to 3732 miles and my total electricity charge cost is now £161.85 combined with a petrol cost of £241.98 [two bars drop on the display]. This makes a total cost of £403.83. [Given the cost of petrol falling I have now recalculated the cost per gallon down to £5.68 from todays calculations. The calculations made at the old rate will remain.]

Mileage : 3732
Electricity Charge Cost : Sept £55.63 / Oct 37.08 / Nov £54.20 / Dec 14.94 : Total £161.85

Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Petrol : £195.37
Gallons Used : 31.61
Price per gallon calculation figure : £5.68
Petrol : £ 46.61
Gallons Used : 8.20
Total Gallons Used : 39.81
Petrol [mpg] : 93.74mpg

Total Running Costs [Pre Fuel Saving] : £312.33
Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Gallons Used : 50.53

Total Running Costs [Post Fuel Saving] : £91.50
Price per gallon calculation figure : £5.68
Gallons Used : 16.10

Total Cost : £403.83
Total Gallons Used : 66.63
Current Petrol / EV MPG Figure : 56.01mpg
Cost per mile : £0.108

Service Costs : £500 over 3 years [covers 3 years / 60,000 miles servicing]
Car Tax : £0
London Congestion Charge : £0

Just to end with.. Every time I get to this part of the report I do find myself being slightly disappointed that the overall figures for mpg are not actually better than they are. It needs to be said that the clever marketing of 148mpg is rather over stretched in the real world. On the plus side even at the lower £5.68 per gallon figure the Land Rover would have cost £1,059 in fuel so a saving of £656 in running costs in under 4 months. Its a fact that I keep reminding myself. If you work on the claimed 148mpg / 3732 equates to 25.21 Gallons even at the higher £6.18 would have worked out at only £155.83. That's a massive figure of 38.5% of the actual cost of £403.83. I would be really interested to hear other Outlander PHEV owners views on this and will start a new Topic for full discussion.

With any PHEV either now or in the future, all potential owners need to understand that the manufacturers claimed mpg figures are very much wide of the mark. It's important to do your research. Sites like PHEV.club can only help with this.

An early Merry Xmas to all PHEV.club members and thanks for making the PHEV.club the success that it already is and I am sure in 2015 the interest in PHEV's in general will be huge.


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