Over the next year I will be updating weekly living with the Outlander PHEV as our family transport, the niggles, the positives and the costs.
#560 by Chris
Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:11 am
Or should I say freeze or turn the heater on?

New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owners are all discovering that the PHEV does not like the cold.. No it still performs without hitch, but not on EV alone.

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I am discovering that if you see this when you start your journey in the morning its impossible to travel on EV power with the heater on. The petrol ICE starts as soon as you turn the heater on. So the choice is simple you either freeze and travel on EV or you sit in comfort with the petrol ICE running. Of course this simple fact kills the economy figures. A fact that I am sure 95% of new owners did not consider when they purchased the car. I didn't. I simply thought that the car would draw its power from the EV and once depreciated then and only then would the petrol ICE kick in. Not so. Did I mention the EV range? Not yet... well that drops like a stone. Yesterday after a full charge I saw the lowest range for EV yet of just 14 miles. Yes.. just 14 miles.

So if I want to keep to my original plan of running on EV alone for the school runs I need to buy some big coats, scarfs and blankets. I used to have a TD5 Land Rover in which winter travel was much the same. Not because it didn't have a heater but it took the entire journey to get warm enough to use, so everyday myself and the kids would wrap up like we were going to the arctic just to get to school. I did not think I would see those days again, and having been there and done that I am not prepared to do it again. So for the winter the Outlander PHEV heater will be on everyday when needed, and therefore so will I suspect the petrol ICE engine even though it destroys the EV journey plan and economy figures.

This is the first real big negative I have to complain about with regards the Outlander PHEV. The other complaints and moans, the beeps, the rattles, I can live with. I do have to say though that I am very disappointed that 1. the EV range drops so low the minute you touch that heater button & 2. there is no option to top the petrol ICE from running, just so you can have the heater working. This fact needs to be made clear to those thinking of purchasing a PHEV. In winter you will not travel on EV power alone when its cold unless you and your passengers have big coats & scarfs!

I received a private message after my last review suggesting that it would be good if I could break down the actual mpg figures based on petrol use alone and also provide a cost per mile figure. My mileage has increased to 2666 miles and my total electricity charge cost is now £94.27 combined with a petrol cost of £195.37 [no petrol since the last review / one bar drop on the display]. This makes a total cost of £289.64. Using my standard calculations this equates to 46.87 gallons, and thus making the current mpg figure 56.89mpg. So a slight increase from the last review which was 56.1mpg.

Mileage : 2666
Electricity Charge Cost : Sept £55.63 / Oct 37.08 / Nov £2.01 : Total £94.72
Petrol : £195.37
Petrol [mpg] costs : 84.34mpg
Total Running Costs : £289.64
Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Gallons Used : 46.87

Current Petrol / EV MPG Figure : 56.89mpg
Cost per mile : £0.108

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