Over the next year I will be updating weekly living with the Outlander PHEV as our family transport, the niggles, the positives and the costs.
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Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:02 pm
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Good overall is the answer. [However the economy elephant in the room is still here.]

When I buy into new technology there is always that niggle in the back of my mind, that niggle is reliability. Will this purchase of something that is basically untested be a regret in 6 months? I have to say however for me at least there has not been a single issue. Not one. The Outlander PHEV has done everything that's been asked of it without any problems. Also apart from the very rare occasion when I have forgotten to plugin when I get home the charging is no hassle either. As a means of family transport its great, it has loads of room and is very comfortable.

The remote heating feature is also something that has become part of daily life during these cold frosty mornings and nights. When you get up in the morning its nice to open the front door and the car is already to go, de-frosted and rather toasty inside. The kids certainly love it. I play badminton once a week at a local club and everyone was very impressed with the fact that upon leaving on a rather frosty evening the car had de-frosted itself in the car park and was so warm inside.

Now to the elephant in the room. Let's face it if your an owner of a Outlander PHEV you cannot really say with any conviction that the claimed 148mpg is being achieved or indeed your getting even close to those figures. It's a topic that I have had endless conversations with people who always ask does it really do 148mpg. The simple answer is it doesn't. Not even close, no where near, I don't think it's possible in everyday life. Basically that is a summary of my thoughts on this.

The other day I saw a post of Facebook promoting the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV website.

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So the main features of the new advertising campaign are ;

5% Company Car Tax : True
No Congestion Charge : True
No Road Tax : True
148mpg : False

Sorry Mitsubishi the last bit is not a fact in the real world. I am sure every single PHEV owner will agree that no one has got even close to this figure. For all potential Outlander PHEV owners I strongly suggest that you look at the economy figures at the end of this update. That's what you get in the real world using the car heater. The car heater does hit the economy figures hard. Hit that heater button and you will see the EV range drop by anything up to 50%.

Also before I forget.. TFL require you to register your Outlander PHEV. The documents can be downloaded from here. If you don't register you will get fined if you enter the congestion zone and don't remember to pay. It costs £10.00 to register. https://www.tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/ultra-low-emission-discount-application-form-141030.pdf

So what's the update on running costs?

My mileage has increased to 5633 miles and my total electricity charge cost is now £255.12 combined with a petrol cost of £367.88. This makes a total cost of £623.00. This included one trip to Bradford from Berkshire but other than this it was the daily routine of short trips / overnight charge.

Mileage : 5633
Electricity Charge Cost : Sept £55.63 / Oct 37.08 / Nov £54.20 / Dec £41.80 / Jan £56.45 / Feb £9.96
Total £255.12

Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Petrol : £195.37
Gallons Used : 31.61
Price per gallon calculation figure : £5.68
Petrol : £ 172.51
Gallons Used : 30.38
Total Gallons Used : 61.99
Total Petrol Cost : £367.88
Petrol [mpg] : 90.86mpg

Total Running Costs : £623.00

Total Running Costs [Pre Fuel Saving] : £312.33
Price per gallon calculation figure : £6.18
Gallons Used : 50.53

Total Running Costs [Post Fuel Saving] : £310.67
Price per gallon calculation figure : £5.68
Gallons Used : 54.70

Total Mileage : 5633
Total Gallons Used EV + Petrol : 105.23
Current Petrol / EV MPG Figure : 53.53mpg
Cost per mile : £0.1105

Service Costs : £500 over 3 years [covers 3 years / 60,000 miles servicing]
Car Tax : £0
London Congestion Charge : £0

I am now getting more convinced than ever that the elephant in the room is the poor performance of the petrol ICE when it comes to the economy figures. How they ever got to 148mpg? I have no idea. I know why they advertise the 148mpg figure it increases interest and thus sales but for all the current PHEV owners who expected much more it is I have to say disappointing.

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