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#687 by Chris
Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:11 pm
Over the past couple of days the internet spammers have been driving me mad. Either a script or even a human with the brain the size of a pea keeps on registering accounts. Multiple accounts, multiple times.

As all users of PHEV.club already know the registration process is checked for every user. It's takes time everyday, but rather that than have a board full of Viagra adverts. However if suddenly you get well over 200 registrations in a single day sorting out the good from the bad is a nightmare and as you can imagine its a right pain in the neck.

I have today added further questions to the registration process and if you have registered in the past couple of days and are a genuine PHEV.club user but have not been authorised please try and register again as your account may have been deleted. I have tried my best but I will admit some genuine users may have slipped through the net.

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