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#717 by mmw109
Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:09 am

I'm a new member to this forum. However, I've been driving my company prius plugin for just over 2 years. Feel free to ask me any prius or phev questions , as I think I'm probably one of the earlier adopters.

To be honest, it's not been my favourite car, my main gripe being a few usability concerns about cabin layout and electronics. The sat nav, isn't as good as the one in my previous civic.

plugin power has been a real boon as most of my driving is very small trips to shops or school, and so I manage to do most of these on green electricity.

I also have the same irritation that someone mentioned about the outlander, in that during winter it becomes more difficult to keep the engine off, as it insists on coming on to drive the heater. Seems strange that in this day and age, they couldn't install a heat-pump to drive both the air-con and heating.

On the motorway it's fine, and still returns good economy. It's great when you get stuck in some bad traffic, and can switch to electric to crawl along, without using any petrol. I will need to buy a new charging cable if I want to use an ecotricity charging point though unfortunately.

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