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#1977 by pcsouthwest
Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:11 pm
After 3 years with a 3h I have upgraded to a 2017 4h and very impressed with the changes and options. I appreciate there are loads of added features which explains the increased price. but the EV mode lock is the best feature. For those not in the know, there is a button alongside the charge and Save buttons, that allows the PHEV to stay on EV as long as you stay below 80Mph and do not kick down. The ICE occasionally starts for reasons known to the onboard computer, but my MPG has gone up considerably.

With the 3h you could keep to EV mode as long as you kept your throttle light and did not look at the aircon. But the 4h does all the short journeys in EV so saving considerable on petrol costs.

The only real gripe is the remote smart phone App and this is really a let down. To use you need to set your device's Wi-Fi to connect to the car then the App will allow functions such as turning on the air-con, lights etc. To access the web on you device you then need to reconnect the Wi-fi to your router. The issue comes when you are closer to your car and your device connects to it and not the internet. There is another App "Wifi Priority" for 75p which allows you to set on the iPhone not to auto switch, but the idea is absolute rubbish. Has Mitsubishi not hear of IoT? I have smart lights which cost £40 which perform better than the app on my £40K car.

But back to the good things, with better ride quality and more features the car feels like a good choice.

One question, the car has rear facing camera for reversing is there an option to turn on distance sense beeping, as it is easy to get distracted looking at the screen you lose sight of where the car is in relation to the other cars to the side? NB there is not a button on the center console to press as the manual suggests, or should I have gone for the 5h?

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