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#1970 by Bobh
Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:37 pm
I am considering changing my diesel Hyundai I35 for a Mitsubishi PHEV. Have any members experience of caravan towing with the PHEV? I would appreciate getting some feedback.
We mainly do short journeys <20 miles if not towing, and take frequent short caravan trips along the Welsh Borders, generally less than 75 miles; I would expect to be able to charge up on the caravan site. I am not too worried about fuel consumption but mainly its performance as a towing vehicle especially on hills and country roads.
#1972 by Troy
Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:19 pm

I use my PHEV for towing a caravan. it seems to cope really well. I had a Suzuki s-cross before with a listed towing capacity of 1200, My caravan is 800 + loading makes it about 1100. It really struggled to maintain 60mph, and slowed down a lot when going up hill.

The PHEV has a listed towing weight of 1500. but performed a lot better on my first trip out I did my usual of foot to the floor on going up hill, it suddenly found myself doing 75mph up a steep hill and still accelerating. Overall the experience is pretty good.

If going up hill in wales I tend to save the battery for the hilly part, that way I have more power to go up the really steep hills.

Do read the comments on the forum about fuel economy. I manage about 28mpg while towing, which is about the same as I got out of my s-cross.

Charging at the camping site might be possible but might not be considered 'fair usage'. you also have to consider how you connect it up. If you plug the phev into the caravan you may overload the system and it draws a lot of power (13amps). So you may have to plug into the hookup direct, which mean you won't have power in the caravan. The campsite might restrict the ampage available meaning the car will take forever to charge up.
#1974 by Bobh
Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:48 am
Many thanks Troy, very useful. Good point about fair usage, we mainly use CLs and would obviously need to have agreement from the owner. Just got back from 4 days on a campsite and the car didn't move, so time to charge probably not a problem for us.

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