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#1966 by tnucboy
Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:38 pm
I spoke to my local dealer today regarding the brightness of the screen when the rear camera is on. I live where there are no lights so when I reverse the brightness of the screen to way too bright and its like having a torch in your eyes making it hard to see on the passenger door mirror. the day/night/auto button that dims the screen when normal diving does not do nothing when the camera is on. My old Pathfinder dimmed the camera screen if the lights was on but not the Outlander (mine is 205 GX5HS). My dealer will advise mitsi & ased me to advise them too (which I have done today) Maybe if everyone else who thinks the same contact mitsi on: 01285 647774 then the more people that ring them they might do a software/firmware update for it :-)

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