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#1939 by Ardent-Admirer
Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:47 am
I bought a used Outlander just over a month ago. Previous owner had obviously made a few changes to settings as I could not get the Sat Nav to speak to me. After pouring through the manuals day after day I finally gave up and telephoned Mitsubishi UK. They hadn't a clue despite going through he manuals on line with me. There is no mention of voice in the section on Sat Nav apart from the voice volume! I then took the vehicle to the dealers who sold me the vehicle and between us we mangaged to finally sort it out. There is a small menu on Guidance frequency (what has that got to do with it you might ask). This sub menu allows you to change the frequency of the voice guidance i.e the number of times the voice tells you to carry out a certain instruction. The options are Max, Normal, min or Off. Needless to say the guidance was in the "Off" mode. There was no mention of this at all in the relevant section nor in the troubleshooting page!!! Grrr!

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