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#1146 by Ollyseba
Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:35 pm
I have covered 4040 miles in 4 weeks
Purchased £473.00 Petrol =450 litres
Spent (according to the cars computer) £25.49 on home electric
Total spend £498.49
£498.49 divided by £1.08 litre = 457 litres x 0.22 = 101 gallons = 40 MPG

So I don't think that is a bad return for a small SUV, my A6 2.0tdi auto would have probably returned 42mpg, but I would have paid in BIK an additional £200 to HMRC !!!
On practical notes, I do charge up as often as possible at service areas, I certainly do not freeze and have the temperature set at 21c . Somedays the recorded mpg can get down to 32, if not charged for 24 hours
I win!!!!
Please feel free to check my maths I may have mis calculated some of the numbers!!

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