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PHEV Outlander Owners - Are You Happy With Your Vehicle?

#1709 by AdePHEV
Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:25 pm
I have had my Mitsubishi for tow weeks now and disappointed in the lack of miles I get from a full charge. I charge it from home and it always states 21 - 23 miles what I actually get is about 16 - 18 miles no where near the 32 miles.

I drive sensibly in Ecomode and mainly to and through to work and back which means I struggle to there and back from work on a full charge which if I had have know that I would not have gone for this as a company car.

Also if in charge mode whilst driving does seem to use up anymore petrol from anyone's experience.

Other than the above I love it more than what I expected but not happy with what I get out of the EV mode.
#1723 by Bazza3105
Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:48 am
There is no point in mincing my words I HATE IT. My previous car was the X-Trail and what a fool I was to change it.
Where to start; Firstly economy, now at 1500 miles it has an average cost of 13 pence per mile which equates to about 35mpg . On a 350 mile round trip it gave 31mpg.
It tells me that I am getting 2.2miles per kW so this is 6.1p/mile (which equate to about 76mpg) I theory, the maximum possible using Electric power only is therefore 76mpg. So how can it be claimed to give 148mpg- impossible
Yes I hear the claim is legal but it is legally dishonest.
My display has given an mpg of 715 at one time - explain?
The sat nav voice - not pleasant
The cruise- does not display setting or cannot set it before you reach the speed
There are numerous niggles which I could get used to, but clearly not well designed
My option is to change it for something a bit more honest.
An expensive error showing that the grass is never greener on the other side.
#1727 by dusz
Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:42 pm
At the moment I am awaiting delivery of a GX4h however I was impressed with my test drive. On a mixed run from Suffolk to Nottingham I bettered 40 mpg which for an almost 2 ton SUV I considered good. All car manufacturers quote figures that are unachievable, just look at the recent VW saga. I also drove a Lexus NX hybrid, quoted mpg in excess of 65, but driving carefully I only managed to get 37. The guy who came to collect it said that he could better my figure but phoned back later that day saying he achieved worse than me. A Volvo V60 D4 guoted at mid to high 60's only got mid to upper 40's.
With the PHEV I will be able to commute to work on purely electric. The other journeys will use more fuel but any increase will be more than offset by the reduction in BIK tax.
Regarding the cruise control I have never driven a car where the speed can be preset before you reach the speed that you want, this is true of my current Civic, the Lexus, V60 and even the Jaguar XE which was a superb car, smooth, quick and economical the only issue being that it was a saloon not a hatch back and the boot was small.
All cars are compromises. At the moment I am in South Africa driving a 2wd X - trail which has proven to be very capable on the gravel roads and reasonably economical but because of the CO2 emissions it would cost me a packet in BIK.
Now chosen I will have my PHEV for the next four years. Another guy at work has had one for 18 months and he is still happy so I hope I will be too. Changing cars is always fraught with have I made the right choice etc.
Hope you get sorted soon.
#1731 by bitman
Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:33 am
I was initially happy with my car until the time it was immobilised when I tried charging it at a motorway service station.

I've just booked my car in for its 1st service and mentioned this incident to the dealer who told me "we've had lots of them [EV Service failure message]".

How many others have suffered such a failure and what are Mitsubishi doing about it?
#1744 by deskry
Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:40 pm
I have a GX4h bought in May 2015 from CCR Melksham, actually a demo model from CCR Cheltenham, which was first reg’d on 31 Dec 14 and had 2998 miles on the clock. My only niggles so far have been an occasional rear transmission noise and jerk when switching from Reverse to Neutral or Park and occasionally from Reverse to Drive. This was advised by Mitsubishi (head office) to be a common phenomenon with electric motors in this sort of system where you can get some kickback from the motor coil if doing a lot of jerky footbrake control prior to stopping and changing out of Drive or Reverse. I had the problem reversing back down my driveway (downward slope) towards my garage door and the charging post using the footbrake to control the descent. I now no longer have the problem as I have learned that you have to apply a steady soft pressure on the footbrake rather than on/off breaking that I used to do in a normal car to avoid overheating the brakes. The other problem is that the PHEV is a typical Mitsubishi with the perennial problem of rattles and vibrations caused by inferior interior fittings. The worst comes from the boot area on rear left side which many other users have reported. Also intermittently from the driver side front and rear doors, I believe from the Window fittings as it goes away when the windows are partially down. I am disappointed, but not surprised as someone who has owned Mitsubishi’s since 1993 (3 x Shoguns, 2 x Carisma’s, 1 x Lancer and prior to the PHEV, an Outlander Diamond 2.2 Diesel 08 Reg). I will do another post on my findings and views on performance.
#1745 by Neilakos
Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:57 pm
I have a GX4hs registerd Feb '15 with 15k on the clock. Can't say I have any "rattles" which I can critise. Although my other tin can is a Toyota Landcruiser which I try very hard not to compare to the PHEV because I love that to bits. It's like driving my sitting room down the road(including unfortunately the fuel consumption associated with doing so!). So far my only bugbear(besides a very "sinister" flat battery) is the hardness of the ride (there I did it. I compared the two,sorry) which I find unsettling, along with a distinct lack of lumber support. On such an xpensive car I would have expected there to be some lumbar support adustment. We aren't all the same in the "nether region" mitsi. I shall have to use a stand-alone lumbar support.
#1746 by deskry
Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:18 pm
Back again on my GX4h bought as a used demo model in May 2015 from CCR Melksham, this time with my experience on performance. I am a fairly sedate driver who values comfort and the ability to do long journeys with minimal fatigue. With the exception of the Citroen CX 2400 Pallas that I owned from new from 1978 – 82, this has been the most relaxing car I have driven and overall the most economic. I have been keeping Spreadsheet records on costs and mileage/fuel consumption on all my cars since 2000. The PHEV has been the most economical so far, with an average of 62.04 MPG based on petrol consumption, but if converting electricity consumption costs to buying litres of petrol, the MPG drops to 51.26. I realise this is not strictly an accurate cross correlation as £1 for £1 you get over twice as many miles from all-electric drive than from the petrol ICU. So far I have only twice managed to go nearly 2 months between refills before being interrupted with a long journey. On the first occasion I filled up 26 litres after 830 miles driven. That gave 141.74 MPG (85.13 with electricity costs). On the second occasion, I got 879 miles for a 34 litre fill-up giving 114.63 mpg (62.19 after electric costs). This was from Oct to Dec while the former was Jul/Aug which shows the seasonal difference. On my annual fishing holiday to the Outer Hebrides last September, I started off from Amesbury with a full charge, but only had 2 Rapid 80% charges during the holiday. Consumption for the whole trip was 37.69 mpg for 1,460 miles driven on 176.12 litres of fuel. Refuel periods shortened by only 150-200 odd mile trips have reduced MPG to about 56 to 62 MPG. So it is much as I expected before I bought the vehicle. My advice to current version PHEV drivers is not to obsess about MPG, it’s not good for the ICU for one! Enjoy the driving experience, the seamless acceleration, the joy of the variable regenerative braking (brake pads should last for years) and the quiet driving when road surfaces allow. Overall I am hoping that electric hybrid drive should be much less wearing on all the mechanicals and except for replacing the Drive Battery pack, this will be a long lasting, reliable and cheap vehicle to run with my lifestyle. Electric Drives and Transmissions are the future. Even Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars will be EV Hybrids.
#1747 by deskry
Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:13 pm
I agree with Neilakos. The ride is hard although more stable than the Mk2 Outlander on rural roads. The 2016 revised model is even harder, or so it said in the Sunday Times Drive Section a month ago. Apparently Mitsubishi had been listening to customers and the Car Mag reviews etc criticising the “handling” and as a result they have improved the cornering producing an even harder ride, really ideal for our brilliant British roads; NOT! I would love to have a PHEV with the Citroen CX suspension I enjoyed back in 1978 – 82, when I owned one.
As to the PHEV being a quality car, actually if you want the quality ride and internal fit out, you are talking about £40K plus these days. If Mitsubishi replaced all the internal hard plastics and fitted a Range Rover class suspension system, it would be over £40K. Instead they do their best to give good, reliable mechanicals in a mid-priced product. This will be important when Osborne's hideous Car Tax comes into effect in Apr 17, when £40K+ cars are going to take a serious hit even if as greenhouse gas and pollution free as a Tesla!

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