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PHEV Outlander Owners - Are You Happy With Your Vehicle?

#1487 by ClayGa
Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:01 am
Having had my GX3h for about 3 months now, I'm overall happy with it. But (as has been noted) the real-world fuel economy is nothing like the headline figures. I have an 80 mile round trip commute, so get good economy on the outbound journey, but typically only 30-odd coming home. Interesting to hear about it being better to switch to "charge" when stationary, as doing it when on the motorway really makes the mpg nosedive.
#1596 by All dead Dave
Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:44 pm
YES and no! Very happy with the car, but.................It is driving me bonkers. So many stupid things for instance, my latest beef, changing the clock time. I'm still on summertime because I CANT FIND HOW TO CHANGE IT. Everyone of sound mind would have assumed the clock screen (and very good it is) would have a click up/down button for hourly changes. Nope. Can't find how to do it. It is obviously there in the various manuals except I CAN'T find it. Can someone tell me how? Like all things, easy when you know how but should it be this difficult?
#1597 by pcsouthwest
Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:09 pm
Hi All Dead Dave,

The time should correct itself using the RDS signal but this can be turned off on the CT Setting. The auto set can take a while, when the clocks went back took my GX3h 2 hours.

To turn CT Setting to off - Press Menu.
Press Select (right hand knob) until you get to CT setting.
Rotate Select knob to change CT setting from On to Off.
An adjust time Menu should now appear after pressing Select.

The guide here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7eAom9Hz_c2UDhyQ2VpMjlMU0U/view page 8.36 explains how to set the time when CT setting is Off.
#1601 by Hawkeye
Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:04 pm
Overall yes I'm pleased - my GX4h (2016 model) is now a week old and replaces my 4 year old Volvo XC60. The trim level and quality is what I expected, and getting used to the controls was easier than I'd anticipated.
I was initially slightly disappointed in the EV range but I've found out why. My plan was to use my nearest ecotricity charging point for the majority of charges but 1. that's not good for the battery and 2. it's at Aust services on the M48 a few metres above sea level. Which means I immediately have to drive up a hill, and the PHEV really hates hills in EV mode! The battery depletes quicker than an iPhone.
So as for the economy - I have expectations lower than most having planned this car for ages. I used to get around 50mpg from the Volvo 2 litre diesel, and treat anything better than that as a bonus. I've now done 350 miles in the PHEV on around £25 of petrol, two full charges from home and half a dozen quick charges, in Eco mode with everything switched off and a reasonably light right foot. So above 60 mpg real world driving which I'm pleased with. Yep, overall very satisfied!
#1606 by Tony Gee
Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:30 pm
I have a GX4HS and have had a problem with no heating for over a week. Parts on order and eating to be fitted but no replacement car available. 2 day job apparently and as far as Mitsi are concerned they don't need to offer a replacement car until it is in the garage because it's reasonable to drive around 200 miles a day at 7c degrees. Have to say I'm disappointed with Mitsubishi and doubt I would have another one when compared to other vehicles of similar cost (40K). Poor paintwork. Poor service and little interest from Mitsubishi HQ customer services either.

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#1614 by westdevon
Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:27 pm
I've had my Gx4h for 8 months. It's not perfect, but it's up there with other largish SUVs in most ways, and I am on 66 mpg overall. What's not to like?

Mines Frost white. Maybe it varies by colour, but I live in the sticks amongst mostly single track roads and lots of them are little more than farm tracks. If you've been to West Devon you'll know what I mean☺. Paintwork is unmarked.

I don't get more than about 24 EV miles on a good day, but then it's all hills round here, hardly a bit of flat road to be seen. :o
#1625 by sladey
Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:18 am
Got my 4h in August, mpg 149.7 when totally commuting to work in the summer, down to 38.7 when I tried the charge battery button on a 130 mile trip to outlaws! I won't be trying that again, total mpg is still around 78 so much better than the 24mpg in my 2.3l petrol galaxy, so I'm not complaining. But I'm still trying to work out what is the best way to maximise the mpg! I'm also monitoring the kWh used and will post again when I have worked out the total costs.
#1684 by deskry
Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:30 pm
I am reasonably happy with my now 1 year old PHEV (first service will be next week). Average MPG is 61 ignoring charging costs. Best performance was 141 MPG when I did 840 miles on 26 litres over a 54 day period that came to and end prematurely when I set off to Scotland for my annual weeks fishing in the Outer Hebrides and needed to get cheap petrol before I hit the M5/M6. That was a journey of 1460 miles at 176 litres (only the 1 charge I left home with) giving 37+ MPG so the car's performance as a petrol HEV is about 8 miles per litre. Other calculations plus the figures from the ECO INFO in the MMCS gives the electric motor's performance as about 3.5 miles per KWh, which litre to KWh cost wise make the electric sytem 4 times more economic than the petrol ICU.

My only niggles are: The rattles at the back (Tail gate area) and odd vibration in the doors and facia fittings. ( I have owned 3 Shoguns, 2 Carisma's, 1 Outlander Mk 2 and 1 Lancer so I know all about Mitsubishi's trade mark are rattles and vibrations of the cars internal fittings).
Most disconcerting phenomenon is the occasional "Bang" (quite loud) I get with the MMCS when the radio is on. It has happened about 4 or 5 times since I bought the vehicle. The MMCS screen goes blank and it seems to do a reboot and end up with my station pre-sets wiped! What's that all about?? Needless to say I will be asking the Dealer to check it out of next weeks service.

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